Electronics Progress

Today we began testing several electronics subsystems. For crash sensing, we're using two Sparkfun accelerometer breakouts. The first uses the ADXL377 chip, giving us a +/- 200g sensor that communicates with the Edison with low level ADC. The second chip is the ADXL345 +/- 16g sensor, which is communicating with the Edison over I2C protocols. The nice thing about this chip is it allows us to trigger an interrupt when a "rising" signal (aka a crash) is detected with a magnitude above a preset threshold. This has the advantage of pulling the data sensing out of a while() loop in the code. 

                                                            ADXL377 +/- 200 g Accelerometer (left) ADXL345 +/- 16 Accelerometer (right)

We've also received our new HANS device